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Positioning Tables
We carry two types of Screw-Driven Positioning Tables: Standard Screw-Driven Tables and Precision Screw-Driven
Tables. Our LS100 Table with unsupported rails and LS500 Table with supported rails utilize the stainless steel 400
series precision rolled lead screw, accurate up to 0.003"ft, with a burnished finish and a zero backlash nut. We also offer
multiple lines of tables that may fit your needs. These Screw-Driven Tables are available as Open-Loop or Closed-Loop
Systems (wherein stepper motors are assembled with encoders), with several options available, such as light or heavy
duty configurations, travel lengths, homing and limit switches, lead screw pitch, as well as many stepper motor choices.
Ideal for pick-and-place operations, circular and linear interpolation, point-to-point motion, pin-insertion, inspection and
test equipment, engraving, part positioning and assembly, these Screw-Driven Tables yield a great cost/performance
Positioning Tables
Standard Precision
Acme Screws

Linear Stages
High Precision Ball
XY Stages
NSK XY Stages
Travel Options: 0.4 - 18
•Accuracy: 0.003 Inches
•Speed: Up to 12 Inches Per
•Supported Rails, Low-Profile
•Heavy Duty Applications, Up
to 8,000 lbs.
•Motor and Encoder and
Cable Options
•Travel Options: 200 -
•Accuracy: 20µm
•Speed: Up to 59 Inches Per
•Dynamic loads up to 6699 lbs
•Motor and Encoder and
Cable Options
•Build Part Number to your
•X-Axis Stoke Length: 250-2,000
•Y-Axis Stroke Length: 100-
•Backlash: .02-.005mm
•Transportable Mass: Up to 40kg
•Fully covered aluminum
casing with belts to elimnate

•Optional Limit Sensor Kits,
Motor Mounting Kits, and Home
Positioning Sensor Kits
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H & H Industrial Sales and Service -Email- info@hhbearing.com - 714-892-5008
H & H Industrial Sales and Service -Email- info@hhbearing.com - 714-892-5008