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Three phase or polyphase induction
motors have high starting torque,
power factor, high efficiency and low
current. They do not use a switch,
capacitor, relays etc. , and are
suitable for use on larger commercial
and industrial applications. General
purpose, three phase motors have
different electrical designs
classifications as defined by NEMA.
NEMA Design C motors have higher
starting torque with normal starting
current. Both types have slip of less
than 5%. ("Slip" being a term which
expresses, as a percentage, the
difference between synchronous
motor speed and full load motor
speed, for example, 1800 rpm
synchronous versus a full load speed
of 1740 rpm.
AC Electric Motor - Three Phase Motors
The improvement of the light bulb came when they evenly spread the three phases across line frequency operated light
sources so that the Illuminated area provided light from all three phases. Through this process, the "Flickering" we use to
experience, with the old technology, no longer exists.  That same premise exists In the Three phase motor.  The Three
Phase AC Electric Motor, has a basic design, with high starting torque and
high efficiency.  The Three Phase AC Electric
Motor is shorter and cost less than a Single Phase AC Electric Motor of the same HP, voltage.  Another benefit of this
Three phase technology is that there is less vibration.  With less vibration the Three Phase AC Electric Motor will run at a
higher efficiency rate and the life of the motor will be longer that the Single Phase AC Electric Motor.
AC Electric Motror
Three Phase
Fan And Blower
AC Electric Motor
Three Phase
IEC Metric
AC Electric Motor
Three Phase
Cast Iron Motors

AC Electric Motors
Three Phase
TEFC Severe Duty
AC Electric Motor
Three Phase
Wash down and
Stainless Steel
Resilient Base, Two Speed
Industrial quality, resilient
mounted, ball bearing motors
for fan and blower service.  
Moderate starting torque
electrical design to reduce
stress on the fan blades during
start-up.  Suitable for belt-
driven fans or fan-on-shaft
applications.  Self-ventilated
design, may be mounted
outside of the fan’s airflow
Condenser Fan Motors: For
Shaft Mounted Fan

Aeration Fan Motors
For use on machine tools,
textile machinery, and other
equipment with metric
dimensions but requiring the
heavy-duty torque and
performance characteristics of
motors designed for use in
North America.
Aluminum frame through 2.2
KW and Cast Iron frame for
2.2KW through 37 KW
Terminal Boards included
Oil Seals provided on both
drive end and non-drive end
shaft extensions
Meet Epact Efficiencies
B5 and B14 flange models
Class F insulation system
Drilled and Tapped shaft
IP55 weatherproof enclosure
provided as a standard
Repostionable feet offered on
Aluminum frame designs
Kits available to convert B3
Frame motors to B5 or B14.
Petroleum, Pulp & Paper,
Refineries, Above-Ground
mines, Foundries, Cement
Plants and Chemical Process
When your conditions are
beyond severe, you’ll need a
motor that goes beyond severe
duty: IEEE 841 cast iron motors
Our line of TEFC, Severe
Duty, Three-phase AC motors
provide both premium
energy-efficiency and
outstanding performance.
They meet the energy
efficiency requirements of the
United States and Canada for
general-purpose industrial
motors as well as meeting the
Premium motor efficiency

Designed specifically to
meet severe duty
environments that you may
find in applications such as
chemical plants, foundries,
pulp and paper mills, waste
management facilities,
refineries, above ground
mines or other applications
that demand corrosion
protection for long motor life
and dependability.
Our Product offerings of  our
Three-phase Washdown Duty
Motors includes our original
moisture-shedding “Duck”
motor, our Premium stainless
and SST stainless line, a line
of Paint free “Washguard II”
motors as well as our Extreme
Duck, encapsulated motors.  

Washguard White Epoxy
Features include:
Durable RUST-OLEUM White
Epoxy Coating
Stainless steel shaft, conduit
box cover, nameplate, fan
Special gaskets, slingers and
Four endshield drains
Moisture-resistant interior
Meets IP55 enclosure
Rigid Base and C-Face
models available
AC Electric Motor
Three Phase
General Purpose
AC Electric Motor
Three Phase
Compressor Duty
AC Electric Motor
Three Phase
AC Electric Motor
Three Phase
Brake Motors
AC Electric Motor
Three Phase
Wash down
Brake Motor
Our line of  three-phase AC
motors are designed to both
EPACT  and Premium
energy-efficiency mandates.
They meet the energy
efficiency requirements of the
United States and Canada for
general-purpose industrial
motors while delivering new
levels of starting torque,
overload capability and
reliability.  We have both ODP
and Enclosed designs in
frame construction of either
rolled steel, Aluminum or Cast
Iron and HP ratings of 1/6 HP
through 700 HP.
Motors designed for air
compressors, pumps, and fan
and blower applications,
which require high breakdown
torque and rugged
mechanical construction.
Mechanical Features:
Pre-lubricated, amply sized,
double shielded ball bearings
to accommodate varying belt
loads and tension
Heavy gauge steel frame/base
Our Explosion-Proof motors are
ideally suited for hazardous
environments defined by the
motor’s explosion-proof class
and group rating for use in
applications that may contain
explosive gases or materials.
Steel frames and cast
aluminum end brackets: 56 –
brackets on frames: 182T and
Inverter-Rated designs
available: constant and
variable torque speed range of
6 to 60 Hz (10:1)
Our three-phase, 208-230/460
Volt,  ODP and TEFC motors
are ideally suited for use on
conveyors, machine tools,
door operators, speed
reducers, cranes and other
industrial machinery requiring
quick stop and/or holding
torque. They feature Stearns
56,000 and 87,000 series
brakes and either a drive-end
C-Face or non C-Face
endshield. Brakes are fail-safe
and are spring set type.
Load is stopped
automatically when power is
removed and they feature a
power off manual release for
convenience or in case of a
power failure. , NEMA Design
B performance, premium
Class F insulation, durable
steel frame construction, UL
recognized component listing
and CSA certification. Made
in U.S.A.
AC Electric Motors
Three Phase
Premium Stainless
AC Electric Motor
Three Phase
All Stainless
Ac Electric Motor
Three Phase
Encapsulated “Extreme
Duck” Stainless Steel
AC Electric Motors
Three Phase
Inverter Rated
AC Electric Motors
Three Phase
Premium Efficient
All exterior components of 300
series stainless steel, including
motor frame, endshields  
conduit box, fan guard and
Endshields are 0-ring sealed to
IEEE 841 severe duty features
Meets demanding
pharmaceutical requirements,
also excellent for
BISSC certified for baking
Meets IP 56 enclosure protection
C-Face with base and without
base models available
Full fact laser etched
nameplate on motor frame
300-Series stainless steel on
all exterior components
Four quadrant drain locations
in each endbell
Full fact laser etched
nameplate on motor frame
Moisture resistant sealant
between frame and endbells
to retard water penetration
Double lip oil seals to protect
the double sealed bearings
Mechanical Protection
All exterior components are 300-Series
stainless steel
New IP-66 Rating on motors produced after
April 2013
Protech Bearing isolator used for the output
shaft seal
Double Lip Viton shaft seal used on non-drive
output shaft on TEFC motors
Minimal exterior fasteners due to no through-
bolt design and screw on conduit box covers
reduces surface areas that may trap
Double-sealed bearings are pre-lubricated
with moisture resistant, high temperature
grease for long life
Rotor/Cartridge, “Q-CAR,” design for quick
access to bearings
O-ring sealed openings on conduit box
covers and Rotor/Cartridge cover
Rigid Cast Base for rugged applications
Conduit box lead hole location Rota table on
TEFC designs  
Designed for inverter or vector
applications where up to
2000:1 constant torque speed
range is required. Typical
uses include: material
handling, machine tools,
conveyors, crane and hoist,
metal processing, test stands,
pumps, compressors, textile
processing, and other
industrial machinery needing
variable speed operation.
LEESON’s 3-Phase,
Premium efficient
Wattsaver® motors are
designed to meet the new
motor efficiency mandates
that go into effect
December 19, 2010. This
product line includes Rigid-
base and C-face designs in
both ODP and TEFC
enclosures. In addition, we
carry a line of Premium
efficient Severe Duty motors
as well as Premium efficient
General Purpose and Fan
Duty single-phase motors.
General Specifications:
Inverter Rated “IRIS®”
insulation system
Normally closed thermostats
– 1 per phase (3-phase
Premium Quality Frame
material – Cast-iron and
Rolled Steel
Three-year warranty
Encoder Provisions standard
UL Recognized and CSA
Independently verified
Meet or exceed most utility
rebate programs
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