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Brushless DC Products
Quality Brushless DC Motors offering high-speed performance, all at a great price! We offer a vast line of BLDC products including
Brushless motors, IP65-Sealed Brushless Motors, Brushless Gearmotors with Planetary Gearboxes or Spur Gearboxes, as well as
Brushless DC Motors with integrated speed controllers.

Our BLDC motors range from .02 to 2,200 watts, with torque from 0.7 to 900 oz-in, and are available in both square and round mounting
flanges. In the Brushless DC product line, we have low-cost Brushless DC Speed Controllers in six series that range from 5 to 30 Amps,
with a maximum power range of 75 to 1,500 watts, and input ranges of 10 to 50VDC, or 85 to135VAC.

Although our Brushless DC Motors are available in standard sizes NEMA 03 to 48, customization for the optimization of the maximum
speed, torque, current, and/or voltage is available. We can also supply the appropriate motor adders such as special cables, connectors,
and shaft modifications you need for any application! Note: Specials and customization may require a minimum purchase. Contact H &H
Bearing Sales Department for details.
Brushless DC Speed
Controllers -
Board Mount
Brushless DC Motors
w/Spur Gearboxes
~Input Ranges: 6 to 50VDC
~Max Power: 24 to 250 Watts
~Peak Current: 3 to 10Amps
~Low-Cost Speed Controllers
~Covers a Wide Range of
~Printed Circuit Board Style
~Over current and Under
voltage Protection
~Sizes: NEMA 23 and 34

~Speeds: Less than 225 to
11000 RPM

~Closed-Loop Control for
Velocity Applications

~BLDC Motor Integrated with
Spur Gearbox

~Shaft Modifications and Motor
Adders Available
IP65 Rated Sealed
Brushless DC Motors
Brushless DC Motors &
Integrated Speed
DC Motors &
Planetary Gearboxes
Brushless DC Motors
Brushless DC Speed
-1 Hp & over
~Torque: 0.7 to 900
~Sizes: NEMA 23 and 34

~Meets Splash-proof Requ.

~Ideal for Harsh, Humid Env.

~Protective Shaft Seals for
Longer Life Cycles

~Up to Five Stack Lengths,
Several Windings

Customization and Motor
Adders Available
~Speed: Up to 4,000RPM
~Sizes: NEMA 17 and 23
~DC Brushless Motor with
Built-In Speed Controller
~Matched Components
Eliminates Selection Errors,
Reduces Wiring
~Customization for Voltage,
Current, and Max Speed is
~Protection Against
Over-Current, Hall Sensor
Error, and Under-Voltage
~Shaft Modifications and
Motor Adders Are Available
~Sizes: NEMA 09, 11, 17 and 23
~Speeds: Less than 500 to

~Closed-Loop Control for
Velocity Applications

~Round-Bodied BLDC
Motor/Planetary Gearbox

~Shaft Modifications and Motor
Adders Available
~Torque: 0.7 to 900
~Sizes: Ten sizes from NEMA
09 to 48
~Huge Selection with a Large
Stock Base
~Ideal Solution for Velocity
Control Applications
~Customization for Voltage,
Current and Max Speed
~Round-Bodied, Square
Flange and Square-Faced
~Shaft Modifications and
Motor Adders Available
~Input Ranges: 20 to 50VDC,
or 85 to 135VAC
~Max Power: 750 to 1,500
~Peak Current: 15 to 60Amps
~Low-Cost Speed Controllers
~Covers a Wide Range of
~Three Different Series

~Enclosed Styles

~Over-Current and
Under-Voltage Protection
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