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AC Electric Motor Accessories
In this section we will be offering  great products to you that will help save you money and extend the life of your power
transmission products. Motor bases, for all size motors. We can also modify off the shelf items or change materials to suit
your needs.  Couplings, there has been some great changes in technology, HUB CITY has made some great changes to
help its end users. Stearns Brakes has been around for ever and there products always hit there mark! More products to
Motor Bases
Brake Assemblies
Speed Controls
Pulleys & Belts
Automatic Motor Bases
Custom Built Bases
Adjustable Motor Bases
Adjustable Motor Rails
Heavy Duty Bases and Rails
Conversion Bases
Pivoting Motor Bases
Adjustable Motor Base, Style
A and A2 (NEMA Frame Sizes
56-215, Single and Adjusting)
•Adjustable Motor Base, Style
B (NEMA Frame Sizes 254-
445, Single Adjusting)
•Adjustable Motor Base, Style
B2 (NEMA Frame Sizes 254-
449, Double Adjusting)
•Adjustable Motor Base, Style
C (NEMA Frame Sizes 504,
505, Double Adjusting)
•Heavy Duty Motor Base, Style
A2HD (NEMA Frame Sizes
182-215, Double Adjusting)
•Heavy Duty Motor Base, Style
C2HD (NEMA Frame Sizes
254-449, Double Adjusting)
The HubFlexTM Shaft Coupling
made in the USA, is one of the
and least expensive couplings
to install, maintain, and repair.
complete coupling consists of 2
hubs, available in carbon or
steel, a urethane split insert
(choose from 5 types), and a
cover –
either a slide over cover held in
by a snap ring or a horizontally
cover for extreme torque
Stearns is the leading
manufacturer of spring-set
electrically set motor brakes.
Stearns is always focused on
the needs of its customers,
setting the standard for brake
and clutch quality, on-time
performance, and commitment
to innovative service.
Types of Brakes
Armature Actuated Brakes
Solenoid Actuated Brakes
Replacement Parts
Speed Controls and or
VFD's are great
companions for motors,
VFD's help your motor
run more cost effective
and help in the Longevity
of your motors and power
transmission parts.
Check out our
Sectionson Speed
Controls and VFD's
When purchasing a
motor most of the time
you will need a way
transmitting the power
from the motor to
whatever you are
powering. We carry all
different styles and sizes
to meet your horse power
needs. Check out our
Pulleys and Belts Section
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