Permanent Split Capacitor (PSC)
This design has an auxiliary
winding with a "run" capacitor, but
unlike the capacitor start /
induction run motor, the capacitor
and auxiliary winding remain in the
circuit under running conditions.
(There is no centrifugal switch on
this type of motor). A permanent
Split Capacitor motor has low
starting torque and low starting
current. PSC motors are generally
used on direct-drive fans and
blowers. They can also be
designed for higher starting
torque and intermittent
applications, where rapid
reversing is desired.

A single phase general purpose
design, with an electrolytic
capacitor in series with the start
winding, offering maximum starting
torque per ampere.

A centrifugal switch removes the
auxiliary winding and capacitor
when the motor approaches full
load speed. The design is a
heavy duty unit which has
approximately 300% (of full load)
starting torque. Common
applications include compressors,
pumps conveyors and other
"hard-to-start" applications.
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AC Electric Motors - Single Phase
Single phase Motors are standard motors up to 10 hp.  Single-phase distribution is used when loads are mostly lighting and heating, with
few large electric motors. A single-phase supply connected to an alternating current electric motor does not produce a revolving magnetic
field; single-phase motors need additional circuits for starting, and such motors are uncommon above 10 or 20 kW in rating.  Single-phase
power distribution is widely used especially in rural areas, where the cost of a three-phase distribution network is high and motor loads are
small and uncommon.   In rural areas farmers who wish to use three-phase motors may install a phase converter if only a single-phase
supply is available. Larger consumers such as large buildings, shopping centers, factories, office blocks, and multiple-unit apartment
blocks will have three-phase service. In densely populated areas of cities, network power distribution is used with many customers and
many supply transformers connected to provide hundreds or thousands of kV·A, a load concentrated over a few hundred square meters.
Much of this information consists of standards defined by the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA). These standards are
widely used throughout North America. In other parts of the world, the standards of the International Elector technical Commission (IEC) are
most often used.
AC Electric Motor
Single Phase
Compressor Duty
AC Electric Motor
Single Phase
Instant Reversing
AC Electric Motor
Single Phase
Pumping Motors
AC Electric Motor
Single Phase
Fan & Blower
Motors ---------->
AC Electric Motor
Single Phase
Fan & Blower
Motors designed for air
compressors, pumps, and fan
and blower applications,
which require high breakdown
torque and rugged
mechanical construction.
Pre-lubricated, amply sized,
double shielded ball bearings
to accommodate varying belt
loads and tension
Heavy gauge steel frame/base
Our Instant Reversing motors
are specifically designed for
Parking Gates, Door Operators
and Slide Gate applications.
Perfect For:
Parking Gate Motors
Door Operator
Slide Gate Motors
Jet Pump Motors
For use in Commercial and
Industrial water pumps and
water systems
JP Pump Motors
For use with close-coupled
pumps where the pump
impeller is mounted directly to
the motor shaft in environments
that are relatively clean and dry.
JM Pump Motors
For use with close-coupled
pumps where the pump
impeller is mounted directly on
the motor shaft in environments
that are relatively clean and dry.
Industrial quality, resilient
mounted, capacitor start-type,
ball bearing motors for fan
and blower service.  Moderate
starting torque electrical
design to reduce stress on the
fan blades during start-up.  
Capacitor-type design has
higher energy efficiency
rating than split phase, single-
phase fan and blower motors.  
Suitable for belt-driven fans or
fan-on-shaft applications.  
Self-ventilated design, may
be mounted outside of the fan’
s airflow.
Two-Winding Variable
Torque,Style Motor-
PSC Type for shaft mounted

Two-Speed, Two-Winding,
Variable Torque Style Motor
for Belt Driven or Shaft
Mounted Fan Applications.

Aeration Fan Motors

Industrial Split Phase Fan

Residential/Industrial Belted
Fan Split Phase Motors

Premium Efficient
Residential/Industrial Belted
Fan Motors
AC Electric Motor
Single Phase
General Purpose
AC Electric Motors
Single Phase
Explosion Proof
AC Electric Motors
Single Phase
Washdown Duty
AC Electric Motors
Single Phase
Premium Stainless
Steel Motors
AC Electric Motor
Single Phase
Brake Motors
Durable rolled steel frame
Class B insulation
High-quality ball bearings
Easy-to-read nameplate
Some 56 frame motors have a
56, 56H, 143T and 145T
combination base with 12
mounting holes for flexible
UL Recognized Component
Listing and CSA approval.
Warranty – 12 months from
date of first use or 18 months
from date of manufacture,
whichever comes first.
UL Listed in Class 1 Groups C
& D and Class 2 Groups F & G
(Divisions 1 & 2)
Capacitor start design for high
starting torque is mounted
Steel frame and cast
aluminum end brackets
Automatic reset thermal
Meets UL frame temperature
limit code T3B
Warranty – 12 months from
date of first use or 18 months
from date of manufacture,
whichever period expires first.
Explosion Conduit box
Made in U.S.A.
Jet Pump designs are also
White Epoxy Coating
Stainless steel shaft, conduit
box cover, nameplate, fan
Special gaskets, slingers and
Four endshield drains
Moisture-resistant interior
Meets IP55 enclosure
Rigid Base and C-Face
models available
All exterior components of 300
series stainless steel, including
motor frame, endshields  
conduit box, fan guard and
Endshields are 0-ring sealed to
IEEE 841 severe duty features
Meets demanding
pharmaceutical requirements,
also excellent for
BISSC certified for baking
Meets IP 56 enclosure protection
C-Face with base and without
base models available
Full fact laser etched
nameplate on motor frame
Our single-phase,
115/208-230 Volt, TEFC
motors are ideally suited for
use on conveyors, machine
tools, door operators, speed
reducers, cranes and other
industrial machinery requiring
quick stop and/or holding
torque. They feature Stearns
56,000 series brakes, a
drive-end C-Face, NEMA
Design B performance,
premium Class F insulation,
durable steel frame
construction, UL recognized
component listing and CSA
certification. Made in U.S.A.
AC Electric Motors
Single Phase
Two Speed Motors
AC Electric Motors
Single Phase
Wood Working
AC Electric Motors
Single Phase
Contractor's Saw
AC Electric Motors
Single Phase
Contractors Power
Tool Motors
AC Electric Motors
Single Phase
Pressure Washer
Two-Winding Variable Torque,
PSC Type for shaft mounted
These fan and blower duty
motors are designed for
dependable, energy saving
performance in applications
where the fan is mounted on
the shaft of the motor. These
PSC type motors do not require
a centrifugal switch, resulting
in higher reliability and
because of their low amp
design, they are energy
efficient. 56 frame motors are
painted with an epoxy paint
and the 48 frame models have
a baked-on powder coat for
extra corrosion resistance in
tough applications
Table Saw Motor
Designed for extra high
breakdown torque for
maximum cutting power. Motor
is supplied with an 8-foor cord
and 115V plug and also
includes an on/off toggle
switch. Motor is pre-connected
for CW rotation, facing
lead-end. This is a direct
replacement for Delta motor
number 62-042.
These totally enclosed fan
cooled (TEFC) motors produce
extra high breakdown torques for
maximum cutting power. Motors
are mounted using a special
bracket, so that the motor pivots
on rod for belt tensioning. Motor’
s shafts are 1-3/4 inches long, ¾
inch diameter with a keyway.
Motors include a 54-inch cord.
Catalog numbers 120925 and
120997 replace Delta
UNISAW® motor 83-621 (1.5
HP); 120728 and 120998
replace Delta UNISAW® motor
83-651 (3HP)
Open Drip Proof (ODP) double
shaft motors for woodworking
applications.  They utilize an
electronic starting switch and
double sealed ball bearings to
prevent failures caused by
sawdust accumulation.  Motors
are designed for high torques
and have reduced amp draw for
more overall efficiency.  Shaft
extension, each end, with
keyway and flat 90° apart for
ease of mounting.  Useable
shaft, each end is 1.5 inches
long by ½ inch diameter on 48
frame and S56 frame models
and 1.875 long by 5/8 inches on
56 frame motor.
Motors are specially suited
for hot or cold pressure
washer applications.  These
motors are designed using a
start and run capacitor for
low amperage.
Mechanical Features:
Low Vibration operation due
to dynamically balanced
Double shielded ball
bearings having an
operating temperature range
of -20ºF to +350ºF

Electrical Features
High efficiency, reduced
amperage energy savings
Stator coils impregnated
with extra heavy varnish
High temperature copper
magnet wire for high
overload capacity
Manual reset overloads
protect against motor
overload and automatic
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