Couplings are a staple of power transmission.  They are the eggs and flour for motors and gearboxes, H&H Bearing
carries a variety of couplings. Metric Couplings, Jaw couplings, Bellows Couplings, spring Couplings, Sensor Couplings,
Waldron Couplings. Also we carry other coupling devices. Call For more information.
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        Their 4-way flexing action
absorbs virtually all types of
shock, misalignment, and end
float. With Sure-Flex couplings,
the need for lubrication and
maintenance is eliminated. As a
result, these couplings provide
clean, dependable, and quiet
performance for a variety of
applications. Product Features
Lubrication-free design provides
quiet, reliable performance
Flexible sleeves available in
EPDM, Neoprene, and Hytrel
Fast and easy installation
without bolts, gaskets, covers or
seals Uniquely designed teeth
and lateral flexibility accept
both parallel and angular
misalignment without wear
Jaw Style
KTR- EKL Couplings
Hub City "Hub Flex"
Bellows Couplings
Beam Couplings
•Type: Clamp Type Coupling
•Screw Torque: Up To 800
•Variety of Outside, Minor and
Major Diameters
•Never Requires Maintenance
•No Backlash
•Type: Clamp Type Coupling
•Screw Torque: Up to 1,130
Ounce Inches
•Short Compact Design
•Vibration damping
• Backlash-free
Fast and easy insert
replacement.• Low
• Minimal downtime.• No
lubrication required.
• Urethane inserts available
from Standard Duty to eXtreme
Duty, High
Temperature, and Food Grade.
• Can be installed vertically.
• Compact.• The teeth on the
hubs do not touch or overlap
thus if the insert fails,
you do not have metal to metal
contact that will potentially
destroythe hubs.
• Reversing applications.
• No realignment required after
insert replacement.
• We use PM material – a
Green Technology.
Type: Clamp Type Coupling
• Rated Torque: Up To 133
•Variety of Outside, Minor and
Major Diameters
•Never Requires Maintenance
•No Backlash
Type: Set Screw Type
• Rated Torque: Up To 33
•Variety of Outside, Minor
and Major Diameters
•Never Requires Maintenance
•No Backlash
Shaft Collars
Universal Joints
Shaft Locking
      Our industrial universal joint
product line is well
established and provides you
with a wide range of standard
and specialized products.
The shape of the yoke is a
special feature which results
in exceptionally high
strength, yet allows full, free
movement of the joint. This
accounts for the high
horsepower capacity at high
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