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Saftey Products
"Safeguard your processes and protect your employees! The machine safety product line offers an entire range of
functions from reliable detection to signal evaluation and transmission to the machine control. The magnetically-actuated
safety sensors enable covered installation with high switching distances and offset values. In addition, the risk of
manipulation is significantly limited. For small machines, a compact, space-saving system is available – this consists of a
safety sensor with integrated evaluation electronics. The safety guard lockings prevent guard doors from opening or
restarting when the danger zone is open. The machine safety extension."
Emergency Stop
Push Buttons
Locking Devies
Compact Systems
Magnet Systems For
Safety Sensors
Elobau's emergency push
buttons and contact elements
are available for easy
emergency interfaces.
Elobau locking devices are
designed to stop the process
of your machine by locking in
the event of an emergency.
Interlocks, actuators, and bolts
for guard locking are available.
Sensors with integrated control
and diagnosis LEDs. Includes
both frontal and lateral
operating features.
Elobau offers a line of safety
sensors with strong sensing
magnets that will not interfere
with your applications.
Safety Sensors
Safty Control Units
Output Expansion
Interface for Control
  Elobau safety sensors for any
application. Includes different
contact forms, temperature
ranges, materials, housing,
and other accessories.
Elobau safety control units are
designed for every Elobau
sensor and emergency stop
Elobau's output expansion
units provide additional
output slots. Can be
connected to a system with
12x cables and system power
control network (SPCN) cables.
Interfaces for input extensions
and interfaces for four sensors
with control output for safety
control units are available at
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H & H Industrial Sales and Service -Email- info@hhbearing.com - 714-892-5008