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H & H Bearing offers all different styles of Gears. Most of the Gears are stocked locally. If it is a special made to order
Gear, don't worry.  We have the capabilities to machine a hub and cut the teeth for urgent situations.  H & H Bearing
offers a variety of materials in which the gears can be made from; Brass, Bronze, Phenolic, Stainless, Aluminum, just to
name a few.  H & H Bearing offers Gears for many different types of industries also.  We specialize in the printing
Industries.  We carry gears for some of the larger printing press'; Goss, Harris and Didde.  We also carry some different
ones for some sheet fed press' also.  If you have any questions please don't hesitate to call or email us. You need some
one to come out and the take specifications for you, not a problem.
Helical Gears
Change Gears
Miter Gear
Made to Order
Gears (Splined)
Made to Order
Gears (Plastic)
Spur Gears
Bevel Gears
Worm and Worm
Spiral Bevel
Rack and Pion
Spur Gears:  spur
gears in 20 through 2
Diametral Pitch – 14
1/2° pressure angle
and other stocked
products. Other
circular, metric, or D.
P.   nylon, phenolic,
bronze, cast iron or
other materials up to
large diameter.
Internal gears and
ground external
profiles can be made   

All sizes available with
hardened teeth as an
Local stock in  a
variety of sizes of  
steel bevel gears; 16
through 3 Diametral
Pitch – 20° pressure
angle. Bevel gears
can be made-to-order
up to 60″ in diameter
for custom ratios.
  Spiral bevel  gears in
16, 12, 10, 8 and 6
Transverse Diametral
Pitch, 14 1/2° Normal
Pressure Angle and
45° Helix Angle are
stocked both with and
without hubs.

Right and Left Hand –
Hub One Side – With
Plain Stock Bore and
with Standard Keyway
and 2 Setscrews

Type B (with hub) are
stocked with finished
bore and stock bore for
re-boring. All sizes
have hardened teeth
and are refinished after
heat treating for
improved accuracy and
durability. Sizes not
available from stock
can usually be made-to-
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H & H Industrial Sales and Service -Email- info@hhbearing.com - 714-892-5008
H & H Industrial Sales and Service -Email- info@hhbearing.com - 714-892-5008