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"To Bear", Bearings are derived from this term.  It refers to one machine part allowing another machine part  "to bear" for it. To take
the load.  A bearing provides for a free linear movement of a moving part. It is a machine element that helps facilitate the desired
motion as much as possible by minimizing friction .   Bearing are classified by the type of motion allowed or to the forces allowed.
Knowing all this helps us break down  bearings into sub categories, Radial bearings and Thrust bearings.  The most common Radial
Bearing is a ball bearing. It uses balls to reduce rotational friction.
(see illustration 1A).  A radial bearing supports a turning part, perpendicular to  the axis of rotation. There is a cut away of a high
speed angular contact bearing (see illustration 1B).  Radial bearing are made with precision to handle slow turning  applications up to
high speed spindle applications. Thrust Bearings are more of a rotary bearing. There main purpose and design are for axial loads.  
The most common thrust bearing that you use every day is the tapered roller bearing used in the wheel axial of your car, (see
illustration 1C).  There are many components  making up a bearing(see illustration 1D). Again all made specifically for the perfect
Choosing the right bearing for your application is important, H & H Bearing is here to help in way we can. Give us a call or send us a
email with questions you may. Below you will find an array of different bearing we can supply to you and your company. H & H Bearing
supplies bearings and other products to manufactures all over the globe as well as our own backyard. No quantity is too large or
location to far. See our "Request for quote" page, send us a email or Call. We look forward to hearing from you.

1A-Ball Bearing illustration
1C- Tapered Roller
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Tapered Roller
Cam Follower and
Yoke Roller
1B- Bearing Cut away
4 point high speed angular
contact bearing
Precision Angular
Contact Bearings
Rod Ends & Spherical
Plane Bearings
Cylindrical Roller
Spherical Roller
Ball Bearings and
Double Row Ball
- Asymmetric races
-Uses combined loads
Radial and Axial loads
turbines, jet engines
dentistry equipment,
High speed spindles
Cnc Machines
Also known as a
in the U.K. a Rose Joint
It is a articulating joint
Race car suspension,
Cars, trucks, lawn riding
boats, industrial machines,
radio controlled helicopters
Cylinderical Roller bearings
have a higher load capacity
than ball bearings.
Large cylinders with greater
length and diameter than the
bearing itself.
permits angular rotation as well
as A spherical Bearing is
bearing that the axial rotating
shaft. The make up of those
two  orthogonal angles in a
central point is what makes the
spherical bearing so
Vehicle drive axial control arm,
Heavy machinery,
drive shafts , engines ,
industrial sewing machines
Single and Double ball
bearing are elements that use
balls to allow a rotating part to
Hard drives in computers
Skate and Roller blade,
Sealing fans......
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H & H Industrial Sales and Service -Email- info@hhbearing.com - 714-892-5008