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Chain and Sprockets
Sprockets are not Gears, Gears mesh together directly to distribute power. Sprockets are not pulleys,pulleys  are smooth
and pulleys utilize belts to convey power. Sprockets are used with Chain and the center distance between the two the
sprockets can variety in distance. The advantage of using sprockets and chain is that slippage is not admissible. A
higher degree of torque can be used with sprockets chain but slower Rpm's.  Pulleys and belts disadvantage is the
slippage factor, but the components are much lighter and can run  at a higher RPM.  There are some HTD Belts and
Pulleys  that will give you both the advantage of High torque and High Rpm. Sprockets and Chain are more cost effective
and  very accessible power transmission options. There are a large variety of Sprockets and  that can meet
all different applications.   
Type C
Q.D. Spocket
Idler Sprocket
Split Hub
Double Single
Type C Style has a
double hub to give it
more stability
Sprockets come in QD
style also for
installation and
removal ease
Idler sprockets are
used to take up chain
lag or it can used for
chain return
Split hubs are round and fully
machined. They do not have
dangerous projecting bolts or
ears. They are drilled and
tapped for high strength
socket head cap screws and
are welded to each side of a
Type A sprocket, forming a
unit similar in appearance to
a Type C sprocket. Fully split
sprockets cost more to
produce than solid, but may
provide significant cost
savings by simplifying
installation and removal
Double strand steel sprockets
for use with 2 single chains.
Stocked with mandrel bore. In
No. 40 through No. 160 chain.

Products with ‘H’ after catalog
number come standard with
hardened teeth.

These sprockets are for use
with two single chains – one
drive chain and one drive
chain – as on Roll Case
Drives. They will not operate
with two chains connecting
both sides of two sprockets or
with double strand chain.

Listed maximum bore is with
set screw at angle to keyway.
Type A
Type B
Multiple Strande
Finshed Bore
Taper - Lock
Type A products or
plate sprockets can
come with a keyway or
straight bore.
Type B Sprockets
Can come bored to suit
with keyways and
double setscews
Multiple Strand
Can come bored to suit
with keyways and
double setscews
or MPB
Sprockets can be
bored and keyed with
double set screw to
Sprockets can come
in taper Lock style
Hinge Top Conveyor
Mill and Engineering
Stainless and Plastic
Extended Pitch
Steel Hinge Top Conveyor
Chain Sprockets with or
without shroud plates in a
range of tooth sizes.
1 5/8″ Through Bore – No Hub
Projection – Mandrel Bore –
For S-815.
Standard sprockets are made
from C1040 steel and are
completely machined to
provide the finest quality
available. Sprockets of
stainless steel, bronze or other
materials can be made to
Type C Steel Sprockets for No.
H82 Mill Chain

3.075″ Chain Pitch – 1 7/32″
Barrel Diameter – 1 1/8″
Sprocket Face Width

Stock bores are nominal and
must be re-bored even though
bore desired is

same size as listed stock bore.
Stainless Steel, Single strand
25, 35, 40, 50 and 60.

Complete With Any Bore Size
Indicated – Standard Straight
Keyway and Two Setscrews

*1/4″ and 3/8″ Bore sizes have
two set screws only – No Keyway
Used with Large Roll
Series Extended Pitch
Roller Chain
Multi Strand Roller
Attachment Roller
Engineering Chain
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Example of Sprocket moving
Roller Chain
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