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H & H Bearing has been in business for thirty five years.  We have seen so many industries "Rise and Fall".  We have
seen technology bring certain industries to the brink of collapse  while that very same technology creates a whole new
niche that explodes globally.  Business can be like the Ocean, one day every thing is calm, no trouble on the horizon then
while standing at the helm of your business guiding it perfectly around dangerous waters, thinking the whole time, "Mmm,
this isn't so hard, then Wham...... You find yourself in the "Eye OF The Storm" holding on for dear life as your business is
thrown to and fro, there was no warning not the slightest inkling of trouble ahead.  We have all been there, struggling to
survive, day to day. "No man is a Island", we can not do this alone. Here at H&H wants to help you find your bearings in
rough seas. We want to be there for you in still waters. We want to be part of your crew.
H &H Bearings goal is to be an extension of you and your company. Our desire is  to help you accomplish your personal
and corporate goals. H & H Bearing. We have so enjoyed meeting and getting to know our past and present customers.
We learn so much from all of you.  At H & H Bearing, the relationship we want to create goes beyond the "Sale".  Please
take the time to contact us through email or phone. If you fill out our "Contact Us" form. We will mail you a "10% off " your
first purchase coupon.  We look forward to hearing from all of you.  Our current customers ,fill our form out and mention
your birthday and we will send a gift card to you for your birthday.  Thanks Again  H & H Bearings
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