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"ON-SITE" Industrial Maintenance and
Engineering Services
We are offering  a great mobile service to you that will help save you money
and extend the life of your machines and facility.
If you have any questions about our services please give us a call so we give
you the answers you are looking for and schedule an appointment.

Here are some of our Services:
Just some of our

Control Panel Services
Comprehensive drawings that include BOM,
lead lists, terminals, safety marking &
replacement part lists
• 2D layout with lead list of materials and
tagged wires
• Small assembly mechanical brackets can
also be made for mounting purposes
• Complete turn-key solutions
• 3D models with color coded AC/DC wire
routing and harness shown to eliminate
• Meet domestic (NEC) and/or international
(IEC) standards
• All control panels 100% tested and
assembled for efficiency

Mechanical and HVAC Services;        
Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning
systems are one of the largest expenses in
running a facility.  Facility Services Partners
offers our customers targeted plan to keep all
HVAC systems running efficiently with as little
down time as possible.  We keep maintenance
technicians on site to immediately respond to
any HVAC related issues.  Technicians
perform preventative maintenance,
breakdown repair, filter changes and respond
to hot and cold calls or any client issues that
may arise.  Offsite support is provided to help
with automation controls, set-up of new HVAC
systems and expansion of existing systems.

Coil Cleaning;        
We will apply environmentally and equipment
safe cleaning agents when performing coil
cleaning services and will rinse coils with
pressured water to ensure efficiency and
extend the life of the coils.

Preventive Maintenance;        
Preventive maintenance will be conducted at
appropriate predetermined frequencies
including but not limited to providing the
following services if necessary; bearing
lubricants, motor lubricants, belt adjustments
and replacements, fan blade and blower
cleaning, condensate drain cleaning,
refrigerant charge adjustments, coil cleaning,
safety control adjustments, operating control
adjustments, calibrations, oil analysis, and
equipment cleaning.
Engineering Services
ASME Pressure Vessel Design -
We can generate a pressure vessel design for your
needs and have fully engineered stamped drawings for
Control Panel Design -
Design and build all UL508A compliant panels.
All panels will meet all NFPA 79 requirements.
Drafting -
We can draw your existing R&D projects for you in 2D
and 3D. The drawings will be fully detailed with your
companies letterhead
Electrical Diagrams-
Complete Auto cad electrical diagrams
Electrical Engineering Services -
Full electrical system integrations for existing systems.
Does your system need a UPGRADE?
We can install the newest PLC's, HMI's or electrical
Element Design -
Element design, installation and production for existing
and new applications.
Engineering Services -
We can engineer all mechanical aspects of a project
and provide you with 3D modeling in solid works.
Drawings can be stamped by a licensed PE.
Programming -
We can program Allan Bradley 5000 software.
Red Lion and Panel View HMI. Most other comparable
manufactures also.
Tank Design -
Water or chemical tanks designed to fulfill your needs  
If you don't see what you need on
our list, please call or email us for
more information -
T-714-892-5008  EM- sales@hhbearing.com
Industrial Services
Compressed Air Systems-
Trouble shoot, repair or install new systems
Control Panel
TroubleShoot/Upgrade -
Install the newest electrical components or find the weak
spot in your system.
Design and build all UL508A compliant panels.
All panels will meet all NFPA 79 requirements.
Electrical Maintenance and Upgrades-
Up grade existing systems to add PLC's, SCADA
packages and data acquisition software
Electrical Installation-
Systems installation,Conduit to be run or wires to be
pulled. Need your system to be more efficient?
We can install the proper VFD or soft start.  
HVAC Maintenance-
Coil cleaning, EC Motor and VFD installation.
Replacement of blowers, fans, pulleys and belts.
Upgrade your current system to a more energy efficient
system with all new technology.
Monthly, Quarterly, Bi-Annual and Annual service
contracts are available for purchase.
Hydraulic Equipment-
Replacement of cylinders, hoses and tanks. We can
provide you pricing and installation for your hydraulic
needs. Need Oil and or Lubrication for your machines.
We will bring you the proper oil or grease and add it to
your equipment. Need a whole new system?
We can turn your black pipe nightmares into your
Stainless tubing dreams. It will clean your system of
Mechanical Equipment Maintenance -
Machines, Equipment and Facility Maintenance can be
very overwhelming. Let us take some stress off of you.
Are you sure your maintenance is being done? Is it
being done the most efficiently and effectively. Is the
most current technology being used. Are there band
aids short term fixes  all over your facility. Get things
done efficiently, effectively and completed. Let us come
in and access your troubled spots.  
On Site Installation -
Welding of Industrial mezzanines or catwalks.
Welding and install of industrial doors or anything you
don't want to assemble and install.
Predictive Maintenance -
Are staff has over a 100 years, combined, of experience
in the maintenance field and have seen almost
everything. Some you wouldn't believe!
There are some things that are manufactured to be
replaced. In certain applications a steel gear does not
run with another steel gear, it runs against a bronze or
brass gear. If both are steel then you have to replace
both. We can foresee and help you stock proper parts
that will need to be replaced. We have been  working
with many different industries for what seems a life time
of years and are familiar with many different situations.
Preventive Maintenance Planning -
Let our Engineer look over an exiting maintenance plan
or come create one for your specific needs. We can
integrate new energy cost saving technology. We can
evaluate your facility and look at ways to prevent injuries.
Welding and Fabrication-
We have portable welders we can bring on site and weld
or fabricate from a print. If you have a sketch we can
make you drawing. We can machine parts or
components and integrate them into your system or
machine. We can do a large welding products or a
If you don't see what you need on
our list, please call or email us for
more information -
T-714-892-5008  EM- sales@hhbearing.com
H & H Bearing Industrial Technologies                        Email- Sales@hhbearing -
H & H Industrial Sales and Service -Email- info@hhbearing.com - 714-892-5008
H & H Industrial Sales and Service -Email- info@hhbearing.com - 714-892-5008