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DC Electric Motor
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DC Controls
General Specifications:
These DC explosion-proof
motors are designed and
approved for application in
hazardous environments
having certain explosive
gases or materials present.

Features include:
UL and CSA listed
NEMA 56C face with
removable 56-frame base
¾-14NPT Pipe nipple for lead
exit hole
Pilot-duty thermostats are
Easy brush access for field
Double-shielded ball bearings
are pre-lubricated for the long
bearing life
Optional explosion-proof
conduit box available as a Kit
General Specifications:
These Metric motors are built
to IEC 34-1 electrical and
mechanical specifications.  
The IEC 63 and smaller
frames are stocked with an
integral B5 flange or B14 face
less base.  An optional B3
rigid base kit is available.  A
unique modular approach for
IEC 71 frame and larger
allows the motor to field
modified to B3 rigid base
mounted construction using
conversion kits.

Electrical and Mechanical
Terminal Board provided for
Fasteners are Metric
Tachometer mounting kits
These are General Purpose
drives designed for use with
Permanent Magnet or Shunt
wound DC motors. NEMA 1
enclosed drives are suitable for
most industrial applications.
The NEMA 4X controls are best
suited for washdown or outdoor
installations or for extremely
dusty applications. Chassis only
drives are available for building
into equipment, machinery or
existing enclosures. Most
controls have a dual voltage
switch allowing the control to
be used with either 115 volt or
230 volt, single-phase, input
power at either 50 or 60 Hz
service. It is important that the
proper voltage motor be
selected to use with the
available power supply.
Pulse Width Modulated
(PWM) controls are available
in NEMA 1 and chassis style
units for sub-fractional HP
frame motors from 1/40 HP
through ¼ HP.  Due to their
improved form factor, these
PWM controls result in quieter
operation, lower operating
motor temperatures, longer
brush life and greater motor
overload capacity than for the
same motor on an SCR type
controllers are a chassis type
design, that accept a DC
input voltage and output a
DC power voltage to control
the motor’s speed.  A
potentiometer is shipped
loose with the controls.  On
board Trim Pots include
calibration, min/max speed,
forward and reverse settings
and an inhibit circuit for
convenient remote starting
and stopping.
DC Electric Motors
Washguard Duty
DC Electric Motors
SCR Rated General
Purpose Motors
DC Electric Motors
Nema Frame Low
Voltage Motors
DC Electric Motors
Sub FHP DC Motrors
DC Electric Motors
Sub FHP DC Motrors
LEESON Washguard Duty DC
motors are designed for
extended life in applications
requiring regular washdown or
otherwise wet environments.  
These Epoxy painted motors
retard the entrance of water
during cleaning operations
and their drain holes release
and water that does enter the
motor.  The interior of the
motor is also coated, which
offers extra protection to the
motor’s interior surfaces to
prevent corrosion.  
General Specifications:
High Voltage permanent
magnet DC motors are
typically used with an SCR
controller in applications
requiring adjustable speed
and constant torque
throughout the speed range.
They are widely used in
applications requiring
dynamic braking or adjustable
speed/reversing capabilities.
General Specifications:
Suitable for applications having
battery or solar powered
operations, or generator
supplied low voltage DC.  
These motors are high torque,
continuous duty designs.  
Applications range from pumps
to electric carts.
General Specifications:
Precision subfractional
horsepower DC permanent
magnet motors are designed
for use with full wave non-
filtered SCR controls for
adjustable speed applications
requiring dynamic braking
and constant torque
throughout the motor’s speed
Features include:
Compact Space savings
Ball bearing designs
Long life brush designs
Easy access to brushes for
field service
Liner speed torque
characteristics throughout
speed range
Reversible rotation is simple
by two lead connections  
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H&H Bearing is proud to offer a ray of DC Electric motors, DC Electric Gear Boxes and DC Controls.  There are many
different types of DC Electric Motors to choose from. H&H Bearing offers; Wash down duty DC Motors, SCR Rated DC
Motors, NEMA Frame DC Motors, Sub Fractional DC Motors, Compact Sub Fractional, Explosion Proof DC Motors, IEC
DC Motors. Most in local stock. H&H Bearing offers same day service. We also carry DC Controls which are a great
companion to the DC Motors we carry. DC Controls will help your elongate the life of your DC Motor and will save you
money.  Not sure what DC Motor will work in your application, don't hesitate to call. We point you in the right direction
and get you up running again.
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H & H Industrial Sales and Service -Email- info@hhbearing.com - 714-892-5008
H & H Industrial Sales and Service -Email- info@hhbearing.com - 714-892-5008
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